Watching Night of the Living Dead
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Watching Night of the Living Dead

Revue Cinema, Hektor Projects, and Platform Gallery are happy to present a screening of Dave Dyment’s latest project ‘Watching Night of the Living Dead’ in October 29 at 7pm. Free admission for all, reserve a spot at 

Watching Night of the Living Dead reanimates the 1968 George Romero classic entirely using footage of characters from other films and television series watching the movie on TV or at the cinema. Originally titled Night of the Flesh Eaters, the producers re-branded it as Night of the Living Dead, at the last minute, to avoid confusion with a similarly titled horror film. The title card was hastily replaced and the copyright symbol was accidentally omitted. This minor clerical error caused the film to immediately fall into public domain, thus denying Romero any royalties from what may be the most lucrative low-budget independent feature ever made, but also ensuring his legacy.

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